Every Extra On The Alien: Covenant Blu-ray From Best To Worst

It may feel like you were in Cryosleep, but almost 40 years have gone by since Ridley Scott directed the greatest sci-fi/horror hybrid of all time. If you’re reading this and you’ve somehow managed to not see Alien, step away from your monitor and watch the damn movie already!

If you’re still reading this, that means you’ve seen Alien countless times, because no one sees Alien once. And since you were such a huge fan of that film, you were probably thrilled when Scott announced he would return to the series in 2012 with Prometheus. And then you saw Prometheus—but let’s not go there.

Suffice it to say, you were justifiably less thrilled when Scott unveiled Alien: Covenant, the second in his planned franchise-tying trilogy. If you didn’t bother to watch it in theatres, I’ve got bad news and good news. Bad news is you missed out on seeing one of the best-looking movies of the year on a big screen, but good news is the film is better than Prometheus on any sized screen.

Since we’ve already provided an in-depth review of Alien: Covenant and even went as far as ranking each of the films in the series, let’s talk about the film’s Blu-ray release, which has just arrived on shelves. Without further ado, here’s what’s on the disc, from best to worst.


Sector 87 – Planet Four

The most enlightening and entertaining extra on this disc isn’t something viewers would initially click on, but here we are. Featuring two very unique clips that frankly should’ve been in the movie, Sector 87 – Planet Four, is a must-watch after the film’s credits have rolled, as it provides major insight into David’s (Michael Fassbender) master plan. “The Crossing” gives us a proper glimpse of what happened between David and Shaw (Noomi Rapace) after they boarded that ship at the end of Prometheus, and “Advent” shows us David’s transmission back to Weyland Yutani in which he describes his painstaking experiments that led to the creation of the xenomorph as well as what he plans to do with Daniels (Katherine Waterston).


USCSS Covenant

These were the lengthy online promos that preceded the film’s release, and they’re not to be missed. “Meet Walter” is an effectively eerie fake ad for the newly upgraded David android, now named Walter. “Phobos” is a 10-minute sequence in which the crewmembers must undergo a series of psychological tests to ensure they’re fit for the mission. A slightly truncated version of this would’ve been a welcome addition to the film, as it fleshes out the characters while also being a fun nod to A Clockwork Orange’s most iconic scene. Lastly, “The Last Supper” sees the crew having drinks and shooting the shit before going into Cryosleep. It’s another great moment that makes us care a little more about the soon-to-be dispatched characters. Also, it’s the only moment, other than a deleted scene, that features a living Captain Branson (James Franco).


Master Class: Ridley Scott

This four-part making-of does an fine job of breaking down Scott’s approach to the film’s story, characters, setting, and creatures. Unlike your typically glossy EPK, we’re offered plenty of off-the-cuff commentary from the candid director—like how one of his biggest goals was to “scare the shit out of the audience.” Clocking in at a substantial 55 minutes, the doc manages to get choice soundbites like this from the cast and crew. Danny McBride’s clever and comical soundbites are especially entertaining and even James Franco, who’s hardly in the movie, gets to chime in. Of course, the best stuff comes from Scott, who goes into some detail about what the next film will entail. Naturally, the fourth segment concerning the xenomorph and necromorphs is the most engaging.



Deleted/Extended Scenes

Were you expecting some awesome alien carnage here? Instead we get 12 deleted/extended scenes—Prologue (Extended), Walter in Greenhouse, Oram and Daniels (Extended), Walter Visits Daniels, Daniels Bedroom Flashback, Jacob’s Funeral (Extended), Ledwards Fall, Crossing the Plaza (Extended), Daniels Thanks Walter, Rosenthal Prayer, Walter Reports Back, and Stairs to Eggroom (Extended). Most are enjoyable, but some are disposable. It’s nice to have these on the side, but they’re not nearly as captivating as the material found in Sector 87 – Planet Four and USCSS Covenant.


Feature-length Commentary with Ridley Scott

Scott is always a hoot to listen to, dishing oodles of interesting stories and hot takes, but he does meander at times, and occasionally overlaps with what’s also discussed in the more animated making-of. It’s is totally worthwhile listen for fans, as well as a convincing counter-argument for those who are skeptical about the direction Scott has taken the franchise.


David’s Illustrations Galleries

For a click-through gallery, this is actually pretty damn engaging. Separated by flora, fauna, Shaw, specimens, and alien, these drawings offer incredibly detailed, chilling close-ups of one of cinema’s most intriguing menaces. If you’re on the same page as me, skip right to alien for the really good stuff. I can’t remember the last time I actually clicked all the way through static images on a Blu-ray menu (never, actually).


Production Gallery

Divided into Ridleygram, conceptual art, creatures, and logos and patches, like David’s Illustrations Galleries, this is far more interesting than your standard behind-the-scenes photos. Seeing Scott’s storyboards and H.R. Giger’s creations come to life never gets old.


Theatrical Trailers

We get two of them. What more do you want to know?