Here’s A Pretty Great Cartoon Tribute To Alan Rickman

Although last week was bookended by two untimely deaths, the uplifting flood of tributes, playlists, and screenings that followed brought fans closer together and inspired the uninitiated to open their eyes and ears to some truly great work.

One of the most endearing tributes comes from New Yorker cartoonist Benjamin Schwartz, who featured two of Alan Rickman’s most celebrated adversaries, John McClane and Harry Potter, clinking a couple cold ones in honour of Hans Gruber and Professor Severus Snape.

For those who don’t think this sufficiently covers the late actor’s full range, you’re right, but may we present Schwartz’s subsequent tweet, which showcases a concept sketch for the piece that also included Sarris from Galaxy Quest.

This is just a part of Rickman’s contributions to film and theatre, but it’s still a lovely gesture that will surely bring on the ol’ waterworks all over again. In less sobering news, Rickman still has two new movies in the pipeline for 2016.