If This Had Been The Trailer For Aladdin, You Probably Wouldn’t Have Been Allowed To See It

The popular YouTube account Screen Junkies added another “Honest Trailer” to their series, which has over 120 videos so far. They uploaded one about the beloved Disney film Aladdin on Tuesday.

The trailer calls out a lot of problems people have with Aladdin—because it’s called an “Honest Trailer,” not a “Let’s-Ignore-All-The-WTF-Issues Trailer.” Some of Screen Junkies’ highlights include:

-Misrepresenting another group’s culture
-Jasmine’s first world problem of becoming a princess
-The lack of nipples on Aladdin
-Aladdin’s asking of Jasmine to trust him, then just lying to her right and left

Even better, Screen Junkies parodied several of the songs from the film, and now all the songs are hilariously ruined. Seriously, “A Whole New World” is now called “The Kidnapping Your Date Song.” Aladdin sings about snatching Jasmine and wanting to “pork” her, because of course he does.

Watch the video below: