Calamities Collide In Space’s All-New Action-Packed Disaster Series Aftermath

This month, the end of the world is just the beginning with the debut of Aftermath, premiering right here on Space Tuesday, September 27 at 10e 7p. Starring real-life couple, James Tupper and Anne Heche as Joshua and Karen Copeland, this one hour, 13-episode series follows their family struggle through a possible Armageddon.

If our coverage of Aftermath’s Fan Expo panel left you hungry for more info about the show, here’s a little primer on what it’s about, who’s in it, and who they play.

Joshua Copeland (Tupper) is a university professor whose study of world cultures and beliefs gives him unique abilities to decode the end times and help his family to survive. Karen Copeland (Heche) is a fierce protector of her family, drawing on the combat skills and survival training she received as an Air Force pilot to keep her husband and children safe.

Faced with natural disasters, supernatural creatures, and a horrifying plague, the Copeland family fights to survive the end of the world in the series premiere, which is mysteriously called “RVL 6768.”

Aftermath also stars Levi Meaden as the Copeland’s eldest son, Matt. As a student, Matt was a fierce athlete whose physical prowess becomes an attribute as the family faces the end of the world, until the brutality of what he must do to survive begins to push his character into the darkness. Deadpool’s Taylor Hickson stars as Brianna Copeland, the outlier of the family who’s an emotional, romantic, and rebellious young woman anxious to live her own life, until the shocks and tragedies of the end of times put her on a new path. Falling SkiesJulia Sarah Stone stars as Dana Copeland who is nothing like her fraternal twin Brianna. Dana is practical, sardonic, and quick-witted with a keen analytical mind and a thorough knowledge of science.