Prepare For Aftermath, A New Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Coming To Space

Big news for sci-fi fans who like their post-apocalypses with a smaller dose of teenage hormones and angst. Aftermath, starring Anne Heche (Psycho, Hung, Ally McBeal) and James Tupper (Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy), is the newest series coming to Space this summer.

The Copelands (feel free to call them Josh and Karen, this post-apocalyptic era is no time for formalities) are a husband and wife pair played by real-life couple Heche and Tupper. In Aftermath, they’re just trying to make mortgage payments, raise well-rounded kids (Deadpool’s Taylor Hickson and The Killing’s Julia Sarah Stone and Levi Meaden), and “battle for survival after civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by devastating natural disasters and the rise of supernatural creatures.” No. Big. Deal.

Tupper’s character is a university professor whose area of study is world cultures, which gives him unique abilities and insights into the painfully recent apocalypse. Heche plays his wife Karen, a “fierce protector” who’s probably thanking her lucky stars for the combat skills and survival training she received as an Air Force pilot. That kind of thing comes in pretty handy when civilization completely collapses around you and your nice family.

“These two characters are thrown into extreme circumstances, but at their very core, they are desperate to keep their family safe,” says Bell Media’s Tracey Pearce. “James and Anne will bring an intriguing depth to the action and chaos that encloses around them in the series.” You has us at “action and chaos.”

The 13-episode series is set to premiere on Space sometime this summer, with This Is The End co-writer Jason Stone directing the first two instalments. Check back for the series premiere date. We’ll share as soon as we know it.