Adam Savage Tests Out Scarlett Johnasson’s Ghost In The Shell Thermoptic Suit

Ghost in the Shell comes out at the end of the month, and to give fans a bit of insight into how the popular Japanese manga series was turned into a feature film, Mythbuster‘s Adam Savage visited Weta Workshop in New Zealand to find out how a real-life version of Major Motoko Kusanagi’s (Scarlett Johansson) famous Thermoptic suit was created.

Savage and Danica Johnson spoke to Weta Workshop costume designer Flo Foxworthy about how she and the other Weta designers put the Thermoptic suit together—and as you’d probably expect, the process wasn’t easy. According to Foxworthy, the suit is the first costume to be made entirely out of silicon, which allowed the designers to imprint the costume’s detailing directly into the material while forcing them to be careful when laying the costume down on any patterned or uneven surfaces for fear of indenting it.

The suit, worn by Major in order to camouflage herself (and effectively become invisible), is made up of three separate sections—the arms, legs, and torso—which are all attached together with magnetic fasteners. Weta produced a whopping eight versions of the suit—four for Johansson and four for her stunt double—and the designers had to conduct a full-length, 3D scan of Johansson’s body to make sure that the suit fit exactly to her body.

Because the suit is meant to be super tight fitting, it takes quite a bit of effort to actually get into—Foxworthy explained that it takes multiple people and a whole lot of talcum powder to suit up for just one scene. As Johnson says in the video, “much respect to Scarlett Johansson” for being able to wear that thing day after day.

Savage spoke with Foxworthy on behalf of Tested, an online website, video series, and podcast series curated by Savage, fellow Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman, Will Smith, and Norman Chan. Savage had already taken his viewers behind the scenes of Ghost in the Shell, posting a nearly 15-minute long video about the film’s props and animatronics just last week, but it’s interesting to see how much work went into creating one of the film’s most central pieces of clothing.

Weta Workshop has created props and costumes for films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, so we can be assured that no matter what, Ghost in the Shell will look amazing.