8 Things We Know About The Upcoming DC Crossover Event


What’s the point of having a strong stable of superhero shows if not to do a bunch of awesome crossover events? At this point we all look forward to DC’s annual storyline-sharing episodes in which The Flash reunites with Arrow, Arrow knocks elbows with Supergirl, and everyone on Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning get to jam out together. Theoretically, anyway.

Well now it’s official: another crossover event is coming to a small-screen (or tablet!) near you, and comic lovers everywhere are busting out their best bat-dances to celebrate. No, no—there are no plans for Batman to join the party, but there is one cool, notable new addition. We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. Here’s everything we know about the latest super crossover event to-date.

It’s Better Than Christmas

As Arrow himself, Mr. Stephen Amell, confirmed at The CW upfront presentation a couple of months ago, the newest, major crossover event goes down in December. To us that means one very important thing: that we’ll still be getting new episodes of these beloved superhero shows in a month when most shows are off the air for the holiday break. Christmas is coming early indeed.


This Crossover Introduces…

Batwoman. Yup, you read that right. The CW is launching a Batwoman TV series, and the DC crossover is the event that will first introduce the character. While details on her appearance are super mum, we do have an official character description:

“Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a saviour, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope. Based on the characters from DC.”


Orange Is The New Bat

By the way, you’ve totally seen the actress playing this new Batwoman character before. Ruby Rose played Stella Carin on Orange is the New Black (she had a bit of a thing with Piper and her panty ring), and she also starred as Calamity in Pitch Perfect 3. People are still absorbing the casting news, but this announcement came following a casting-call in which producers were actively looking for a gay actress of any ethnicity.


It All Ties In To A Milestone Episode

Again, details are super sketchy because… well, fandom, but we were able to get a small detail out of CW president Mark Pedowitz when he was speaking to reporters at this summer’s TCA press tour. Apparently The Flash factors into this crossover event in a super important way, because the crossover also marks that show’s 100th episode. For those keeping track, Arrow’s 100th episode also marked a crossover event.


Beebo Will Not Be Making An Appearance

Fans of the cuddly fad toy will (maybe) be disappointed to learn that Beebo will not, in fact, be factoring into the crossover event.

“Beebo, I do not believe, will be in the crossover event,” Pedowitz said. “We’re half-jokingly thinking about doing Beebo in every show we have. So in one way, shape, or form as a merchandising piece.”


This Will Be The Biggest Crossover Event Yet

One person who isn’t totally tight-lipped about the crossover event is Arrow star David Ramsey. The actor sat down with reporters at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where he revealed that the next crossover will be the biggest yet.

“Every single year they do these crossovers, it’s like it’s bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so it’s just, I have no idea how they do it,” he told ComicBook. “So of course, they don’t have a script yet but they kind of break the story somewhat, so when I found out kind of what they want to do it was just like really? You’re just gonna go even bigger? Every year it’s just bigger and bigger and bigger.”


These Things Are A Nightmare To Shoot

By the way, if you ever wondered how people on the production side of things felt about such crossovers, Ramsey has an answer for you.

“Logistically, it’s a nightmare,” he told fans at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, “And every single year they swear they’ll never do it again. And they always do.”


No Legends Will Be Harmed In The Making Of These Crossovers

Sadly, it seems like the Legends will be absent from this year’s party, as will the cast of Black Lightning. At least that’s the plan at time of press. That Hashtag Show revealed that only Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will participate in the super episodes.

No biggie as far as we’re concerned, because that just means we can focus our speculation around fewer characters as the big day approaches. Right? #PostiveVibes for all.


The latest DC Crossover event will take place this December. Meanwhile, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will return this Fall.