8 Perfectly Normal Reasons To Watch Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell On Space

Remember Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell? One of the major literary events of 2004, the novel sold like crazy, won awards, and earned a rave review from no less an authority than Neil Gaiman, who called it “unquestionably the finest English novel of the fantastic written in the last seventy years.” If that piques your interest and/or brings back exciting memories, you’ll want to tune in for the seven-part miniseries that has already earned four BAFTAs and enthusiastic praise from many of the same people who admired the novel.

Set during England’s war with Napoleon, the story revolves around the reclusive Mr Norrell, the country’s last great practical magician. “He raises a beautiful woman from the dead and summons an army of ghostly ships to terrify the French,” explains the official synopsis. “Yet the cautious, fussy Norrell is challenged by the emergence of another magician: the brilliant novice Jonathan Strange. Young, handsome and daring, Strange is the very antithesis of Norrell. So begins a dangerous battle between the two great men. Their obsessions and secret dabblings with the dark arts will cause more trouble than they can imagine.”

If that doesn’t persuade you to tune in when the miniseries premieres tonight, here are eight more reasons to watch.

1. 19th Century England


2. Constant Candlelight


3. War


4. Peace


5. Creepy Creatures


6. Sand Horses


7. This Guy


8. This Hairstyle 


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell premieres tonight on Space. For more, watch the trailer below—and tune in on Wednesdays at 10e 7p as the magic continues.