7 Secrets We Learned About The Brand New Invincible Iron Man


Photo Credit: Marvel

If you were at Special Edition NYC this past weekend, you may have heard the exciting Marvel news already — once the Secret Wars-crossover event ends, Iron Man will be getting a brand new comic series from the creators who brought the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales to life, Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

The two comic book creators joined Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, and members of the press today for a special conference call about the new book — and we have to say, it sounds pretty exciting. Here’s what we learned:

Believe it or not, this is Brian Michael Bendis’s first Iron Man run.


Tom Brevoort said that he’s been trying to get Brian Michael Bendis on the Iron Man series for “a long time,” and the timing just hasn’t worked out until now. He was inspired by Bendis’ “Daredevil” run. “Tony is a character that has had a lot more examination in the last ten years. There are not as many super classic ’Iron Man’ runs as there are on ’Daredevil,’ and I just had this instinct that Brian would be able to really pick up the ball and do something special with it.”

He’s got a brand new suit, courtesy of David Marquez.

“Over time, technology tends to get smaller and slimmer and lighter, as opposed to bulkier and bigger. That really went into the design process, wanting to make sure it was very sleek, wasn’t horrible busy with way too much detail or too many lines,” Marquez said.

We’ll learn more about his biological parents.

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In Keiron Gillon’s recent run, Tony discovered that Howard and Maria Stark are actually his adopted parents, and Bendis is excited to continue diving into that story for personal reasons. “Two of my four children are adopted, and adoption is a very large part of my non-comic book life,” Bendis said, noting that in the past he’s shied away from writing about adoption for fear of exploiting his kids’ stories, but now has a great opportunity to do so for the adult Tony Stark.
But who are his parents? “Thomas and Martha Wayne,” Bendis repeated his joke from Special Edition NYC, before doubling down with, “Yeah, I should figure that out.”

Tony’s villains are going to be awesome.


Iron Man doesn’t have a whole lot of iconic villains, but that’s about to change.
“It’s not a deep a bench as Spider-Man,” Bendis said of Iron Man’s villain pool, “So I went to David… what I’ve figured out is you go to the artist and you just go, ’Show me the villains in your sketchbook.’” And lo and behold, “it’s the coolest drawings in the sketchbook! And from there, we started building ideas.”

He’s got a new love interest.

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As much as we ship Tony and Pepper in the movies, Bendis says his Tony may have met his match in the form of a new love interest. It’ll be very much about “Tony trying to grow up and have a real relationship, like a person,” he said.
But that’s not all! Tony will also have plenty of time to interact with the “All-New, All-Different” Avengers (though which ones Bendis wouldn’t say WHO, of course), as well as another supporting character who’s never been close with Tony before.

Iron Man has basically dethroned Spider-Man as Marvel’s figurehead.

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Make no mistake about it, Iron Man is now “the golden jewel of the Marvel empire,” says Bendis. Even people who’ve never picked up a comic in their lives know his story, and the trick to this new book will be “taking what they know and giving them some new stuff.”
“It’s really not a stretch to say that Iron Man is kind of, clearly in a global sense, THE character that is most associated with the Marvel of today. He’s to Marvel today what Spider-Man was to Marvel in the ’60s or ’70s,” Brevoort added. “That’s really opened our eyes and led us to make a concerted effort to make Iron Man front and center, right at the forefront and the core of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.”

And finally, the thing we know you’re all DYING to know about…

Yes, Iron Man will still have roller skates.

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“He has a whole roller derby team that he joins,” Bendis jokes, before backpedaling, “I better not pitch that, Axel’s very close to green-lighting it.” He should, because I would read the heck out of that.

Invincible Iron Man #1 will hit shelves in October.