7 Reasons To Love Marvel’s All-Female Avengers (Unless You’re A Giant Shark)

It’s finally here! Months after the very first all-female “Avengers” line-up was first announced, we get to actually witness all the awesome women of the Marvel Universe teaming up to take down bad guys — or, in the case of the first issue, to beat up a prehistoric megalodon. You know, like you do.

So, is this new comic worth your time? We sure think so, and here’s why:

You don’t NEED to have read “Secret Wars” (although it really helps).
Even if you’re not all caught up on the very complex political structure of the new Battleworld and its inhabitants, you can pretty much pick out the basics of what you need to know from “A-Force” — the women of Marvel live on an island in the middle of Battleworld, the entirety of which is ruled by Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange. Each region has to tend to its own borders, and people who break the rules are sent to “The Shield,” which is pretty much like the Wall in “Game of Thrones.” Also, there’s a giant police force made up entirely of different versions of Thor. Other than that, things are pretty smooth sailing — until invaders arrive.

Male superheroes exist, they just aren’t front and center.
When Marvel first announced plans for the “A-Force” and the “feminist paradise” they live in, a lot of people assumed they’d be in some kind of all-lady commune with no dudes allowed. Nope! They’ve got plenty of male friends and family members who do their part to protect Arcadia — they just don’t outnumber the women. Surprise! Turns out that a real “feminist paradise” is just a place where women get treated as equals.

The art is straight-up gorgeous.
Despite what some critics have said of this first issue, Jorge Molina’s amazing artwork doesn’t really go out of its way to objectify its characters — they spend most of the issue standing tall and proud. The coloring by Laura Martin also gives the issue that added burst of

The character line-up is amazing.
Tired of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and all those guys who dominate the Marvel movies? “A-Force” chose a great line-up of female superheroes who deserve their day in the spotlight– like Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters, Bruce Banner’s way cooler cousin, or Nico Minoru, a teenager with magic powers. And then there’s America “Ms. America” Chavez, who… well, I’ll let you make your own conclusions about how ridiculously rad she is by checking out her shark throwing skills.

Get Prepared For So Many Cameos
If You ARE a huge comic fan, then you’ll recognize a lot of the superheroes that grace the pages of “A-Force #1″ — like “Spider-Gwen’s” web-slinging Gwen Stacey, or Monica Rambeau, the woman who held the title of Captain Marvel BEFORE Carol did and now goes by the name Spectrum.

The cliffhanger will make you want more.
My biggest problem with this issue is that it’s not longer — how are we supposed to handle waiting to find out more about Arcadia and its mysterious new visitor until next month?

Okay, but seriously though, so many Thors.
We even get a glimpse of a brand-new version of Thor I don’t think we’ve ever seen before in the comics! I don’t want to spoil it, but you’re gonna love the new look this character’s got.