7 Moments From The New ‘Flash’ Promo That Made Us Scream


The Flash is about to come face to face with his greatest foe, and the devastating truth will undoubtedly rock Barry Allen’s world. (And possibly even the current timeline.)

Fans were shocked when Harrison Wells revealed himself as the Reverse Flash, but Barry has yet to figure it all out on “The Flash.” And that’s all about to change. As the The Flash’s hunt for Reverse Flash intensifies, Barry will soon learn that the man responsible for his mother’s death is actually his mentor, Wells. And judging from this recently released promo — which premiered at Saturday (March 14) night’s PaleyFest panel — Barry is done talking, and he’s ready to take Reverse Flash down.


But that wasn’t the only gasp-worthy moment from the promo. The two-minute glimpse at the second half of the season gives us new looks at The Trickster (Mark Hamill!), The Bug-Eyed Bandit (“The Walking Dead”‘s Emily Kinney) and Grodd while also confirming appearances from “Arrow”‘s Black Canary, The Atom and Felicity Smoak (which means Barlicity can STILL happen). Here are seven moments from the promo that truly made us scream:

Reverse Flash Reveal

Okay, so we already knew Harrison was the Reverse Flash, but seeing how the reveal is going to ultimately affect Barry gives us chills. Plus, there’s the whole ominous “I promise you, Barry Allen, you will die” threat thing.

Time Travel

“Show me the future,” Wells says in the promo. Something tells us, he’s going to get his wish. “We’re definitely talking about the ramifications of time travel,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed at the PaleyFest panel. “There are episodes coming up where there is concern of certain events being changed in the past [that] would affect who people are and their relationships with each other. If the past changes, does the present change as well?” Kreisberg also teased that the series will also tackle a storyline ripped right from the comics, which has many “Flash” fans hoping for a “Flashpoint” arc in season two. Wally West fans, get excited.

Another Flash?!

So this probably has something to do with time travel but at minute 1:50, you can clearly see The Flash fighting… The Flash. Does Barry possibly find himself speeding into an alternate timeline?

Evil Eddie

Finally! It looks like Eddie isn’t Mr. Nice Guy after all. Okay, so maybe Eddie’s serious change in character is a result of some tampering in the past (AKA time travel problems), but that doesn’t mean we’re not excited to see actor Rick Cosnett be the baddie he was born to play. Of course, there’s also a chance that Eddie Thawne might go down the same path as his comic book namesake Eobard Thawne, better known as the supervillain Professor Zoom. Will Eddie be the Big Bad of season two? Yes, hopefully.


“I still think about you all the time, and I know you’ve been thinking about me too.” [Insert fangirling here.]

Black Canary and Cisco

Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance is coming to Central City, and it looks like she’ll share some gif-worthy moments with our boo Cisco. Naturally, Cisco freaks out when she tells him that she’s the blonde, crime-fighting heroine that he has a crush on in Starling City. Guys, he “loves” her! TBH, we’d watch a Cisco/Black Canary spinoff series. Cancel all of your other spinoff plans, “Arrow” writers, and make it so.


Yes, we knew this cameo was happening — Ray and Felicity pop up in Central City in episode 18 — and yes, now we’re even more excited for this crossover to happen because look at Ray’s face! He’s so happy. Ray loves technology just as much as Cisco loves technology, so expect these two to be BFFs by the end of the episode.

So, uh, is it Tuesday yet?!