3 Things You Won’t Want To Miss At TIFF’s ‘50 Years Of Star Trek’

Starting September 24, the TIFF Bell Lightbox will transform into Trekkie central with the launch of their ‘50 Years of Star Trek’ program. The months-long lineup is packed with screenings, talks, and events featuring directors, writers, film crew members, scientists, and actual astronauts. Catch every single Trek movie (including 2016’s Star Trek Beyond), see your favourite old episodes on screen, and explore how the franchise has made its mark on the sci-fi genre in general. There’s a lot to take in, but these are the three can’t-miss events we’ll be beaming ourselves down to.

1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture introduced by Trek special effects legend Douglas Trumbull


The 1979 film was the franchise’s first time on the big screen. 12 movies later, TIFF will screen Star Trek’s original cinematic adventure with its effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull in attendance. Trumbull has been behind the special effects work on movies like Blade Runner, Close Encounters, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. He’s also responsible for getting Star Trek into theatres on schedule. Weeks ahead of the planned release, Trumbull took over after a major fail by the original FX firm, basically saving the entire movie by scrambling to finish the effects just days before the premiere. Catch the screening on September 30.

2. Weekend-long Star Trek: The Original Series marathon


This Saturday, the Lightbox will screen a selection of episodes handpicked by four Trek veterans who played central roles in the creation and production of the franchise. Their favourite episodes will kick off with a video intro filmed exclusively for TIFF. On Sunday, September 25, staff and fan favourite episodes will shown.

3. TIFF Trek Talk with physician and NASA astronaut Mae Jemison


Star Trek: Discovery (the much-anticipated new series set to premiere on Space in May of 2017) has hired physician and astronaut Mae Jemison as one of the show’s scientific consultants. Jemison was the first African-American woman in space and will be the keynote speaker at TIFF’s Star Trek and the Future Talk, discussing the ways in which the arts and science intersect and how sci-fi has blazed the trail towards welcoming diverse voices and stories into television and film.

TIFF’s ‘50 Years of Star Trek’ program runs until December 30. Check out the full lineup here.