5 Things To Keep In Mind Ahead Of The Wynonna Earp Season 3 Premiere


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The Season 3 premiere of Wynonna Earp is just a week away, so it’s about time we revisited the subject of Purgatory and the events that went down the last time we hung out in the cursed, demon-infested town that the Earps call home. Wynonna spent all of Season 2 super pregnant but still managed to vanquish some pretty evil nasties thanks to Peacemaker and lots of help from her squad: Waverly, Doc, Dolls, Officer Haught, and Jeremy (we guess). So what’s in store for the coming season? We’re looking back at where we left off for a couple of clues:

1. Wynonna’s Mom


Wynonna’s baby, the next Earp heir, has been helicoptered out of the Triangle and handed over to Aunt Gus. Speaking of moms, the Momma Earp we all assumed was either dead or missing or condemned to your garden variety (in the Ghost River Triangle, at least) hellish demon underworld is alive and well and in touch with Wynonna.

2. Waverly’s Dad


Bobo is not Waverly’s dad. Which basically just takes us back the to place where we have no idea who Waverly’s dad is. The upside: now that her mom is back in the picture (sort of), maybe Waverly will get the opportunity to ask her.

3. Dolls’ Mysterious Powers


Dolls can breath fire and do other weird sh*t. And yet despite the fact that we’re two seasons in, we don’t really know what he is and why he’s like that. Is Dolls a government experiment? Is he a demon?

4. Clootie’s Vengeance


There’s a mega-demon out to get Wynonna (and probably everyone she loves). He goes by the name Clootie (alias: Balshasar) and he’s likely quite ticked off about the fact that Wynonna has killed off all three of his widows. We realize how confusing that sounds, but trust: it’s a thing.

5. The Love Triangle


Wynonna and Doc made out at the end of last season’s finale. Ummmm… so who exactly is it that has her heart right now—or are we still going back and forth between Doc and Dolls every other episode?

Saddle up your ponies, Wynonna Earp returns on July 20 at 9e 6p.