5 Things To Keep In Mind Ahead Of The Killjoys Season 4 Premiere


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Now that Hannah John-Kamen is on the verge of becoming a big name (2018 brought her roles in Ready Player One, the Tomb Raider reboot, and as the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp), we’re excited for her to bring that star power to another season of Killjoys (okay, okay, we’re psyched to see Johnny and D’av, too). But that means diving deep into the Green. We’re playing by the plasma’s rules for this upcoming season of Killjoys, in which Dutch has ditched her crew and gone where no Killjoy has dared go before. Remember where? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Get up to speed on where we left The Quad and its characters with this quick crash course on the previous season of Killjoys (which you can watch right here on Space.ca).


1. The Warrant


The warrant is no longer all (in fact, warrants haven’t been a real thing for awhile now). Our trio of former bounty hunters achieved planet-saving hero status when they stopped Aneela’s gang of plasma-filled automatons from taking over The Quad. Dutch, Johnny, and D’Avin are onto bigger and better—no, wait, way worse—things (like The Lady). Turns out there’s a lot of room for evil in the universe.


2. The Lady


We have no real idea who ‘The Lady’ is. Unlike the few Season Two glimpses we got of Dutch’s doppelganger, Aneela, before she made herself fully known to us in Season Three, The Lady has remained hidden. Khlyen knows her. Aneela knows her. But as for Dutch and her fans, we’re still in the dark.


3. The Hullen


Team KJ took out Aneela’s Hullen… and that is not going to sit well with The Lady. But hey, at least Aneela’s over it. After restoring her memory (thanks to a little help from Zeph), Dutch and her not-so-evil-anymore twin have decided to go into the Green and take on The Lady together. The Lady is not pleased. How do we know? The spiders were a pretty clear sign.


4. The Baby


Delle Seyah Kendry is pregnant. With D’av’s baby. Also, the expectant couple are stuck aboard the Necropolis, which has become untethered from its moorings and is free-floating through space on course to crash into the sun. It’s a less than ideal situation. Also: five bucks says The Lady wants to eat that baby once it’s out.


5. Green Space


The season ended with Dutch and Aneela in Green Space, a place where the air is green (hence the name) and their hair is blonde. Who do they meet in Green Space? Khlyen, obviously. That guy gets around. What does he have for them? Knives and (maybe, hopefully) a plan for how to defeat The Lady.


Find out when Killjoys returns to Space for a fourth epically intergalactic season on July 20 at 10e 7p. Check out the Season 4 trailer below.