5 Reasons You Need to See Tomorrowland



One of the summer’s most highly anticipated movies, Tomorrowland has earned an equal measure of criticism and praise. While the film isn’t perfect—the characters are somewhat one-note, there’s more setup than payoff, etc.—it’s one of the most skillfully crafted blockbusters in recent memory.

You may hear that Tomorrowland falls short of its potential, but imperfections notwithstanding, this is a blissfully inventive summer movie. For the following five reasons alone, it is not to be missed.

Special effects that are genuinely special

Thanks in part to his background in animation, director Brad Bird brings an attention to detail that makes for eye-popping visuals with the complexity of CGI and the authenticity of practical effects. From massive, intricately detailed robots to multi-tiered swimming pools, this film has an abundance of eye candy.

Age inappropriate bickering

Thanks to robotic technology, kids are not what they seem in Tomorrowland, resulting in some amusing kid-adult bickering—and the kind of high stakes turmoil children are rarely subjected to onscreen.

Sci-fi nostalgia

For science fiction nerds, the film’s retrofuturist opening (at the 1964-65 World’s Fair) is reason enough to buy a ticket, as is the memorabilia-filled novelty store that plays a prominent role. Movies referenced in this shop include The Black Hole, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Bird’s own The Iron Giant.

It’s not all fantasy

Even while targeting a youthful audience, Tomorrowland manages to thoughtfully explore real world crises, dramatizing the ways in which cynicism breeds complacency. Did we mention that it’s also really playful and entertaining?

The Tomorrowland effect

Already previewed extensively in the Tomorrowland trailers (see below), the film’s central conceit is a classic science fiction device, one used to inventive effect throughout.