5 Reasons You Need To See San Andreas In 3D

san andreas

Warner Bros.

Do 3D movies give you headaches? Do you hate wearing used glasses? Are you still confused about why they made Glee: The 3D Concert Movie a 3D concert movie?

Forget all that, because The Rock, err, thespian Dwayne Johnson’s new movie San Andreas is the ultimate raison d’etre for 3D technology.

Let us count the ways:

1. The Hoover Dam exploding in 3D


Watching the giant structure crumble like a cracker as boulder-sized hunks of concrete and car-sized cars come flying towards your face is impressive, to say the least.

2. A tsunami hitting the Golden Gate Bridge in 3D


Plus Johnson and his co-star Carla Gugino driving over said tsunami (and under the hull of a loaded cargo ship tossed in the waves like it’s weightless) in your basic pleasure craft.

3. Riding along inside a car as it plunges off the side of a cliff in 3D


We will never text and drive/not wear seatbelts/fiddle with the radio while a car is in motion again. Ever.

4. An entire major US city crumbling before your eyes in 3D


Goodbye glass office buildings, goodbye Transamerica Pyramid, goodbye Coit Tower. San Francisco had a good run and San Andreas gives it a spectacular (and thankfully imaginary) send off.

5. The Rock’s bulging forearms in—you guessed it—3D


What are they feeding this guy?

San Andreas demolishes theatres Friday. Check out the trailer below: