5 Reasons You Need to See Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max

Warner Bros.

The Mad Max franchise has been on ice for 30 years, but director George Miller spent that time carefully devising the Mad Max movie fans having been dreaming about since the ’70s.

Whether you’re new to the franchise or a Mad Max fanatic, there’s a good chance Fury Road will blow your mind. While this franchise started as a low budget indie enterprise, Miller has finally been given the tools to realize a lifetime’s worth of eye-popping cinematic fantasies. With that in mind, here are five reasons you need to see Mad Max: Fury Road.

It’s basically one long chase

The Road Warrior is famous for including one of the most epic movie chases of all time, but Fury Road goes much further. While there are a few (very brief) moments of respite, this plays like one long, wildly complicated, constantly evolving chase sequence.

It pushes everything to the limit

You’ve never seen an action movie with this level of sustained, adrenaline-fuelled filmmaking. But rather than pile on anonymous car crashes and explosions, Miller enriches every corner of the frame with his obsessive attention to detail, creating a vivid and convincing (if intentionally heightened and exaggerated) world. You almost want to slow the movie down, just so you can take in all the imaginative ideas racing by.

It defies the laws of aging

You’d never guess this from the unprecedented assault of visceral sensations onscreen, but Miller and Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale are both in their 70s. So why is their work so much more vital than the work of filmmakers decades younger? We’re chalking it up to their shared homeland: Australia.

Women get the spotlight

If one essential ingredient has been missing from previous Mad Max movies, it’s women. Aside from Max’s wife—who did little more than suffer in the first film—and Tina Turner’s Aunty Entity, this franchise has been unusually light on female characters. With Charlize Theron’s one-armed Furiosa and her band of female warriors, Miller corrects that in a big way.

It’s the best Mad Max movie yet

There’s only major difference between Fury Road and the other three Mad Max movies: Miller pushes everything 100 times further. For fans of extreme action, that’s definitely a good thing.