5 Reasons You Need To See Jurassic World

jurassic world


An undeniable triumph of summer blockbuster spectacle, Jurassic World is more than just a worthy addition to the dino movie canon. While it lacks the classy prestige and groundbreaking wonder of the Spielberg-directed original, its barrage of intricate dinosaur attacks pushes the franchise further than it has ever gone before. Here are five reasons this is essential summer moviegoing.

1. Dinosaurs have come a long way

Jurassic World makes it clear that the genetically modified hybrid creatures wreaking havoc onscreen are ethically problematic human creations, but they make for extremely effective screen monsters, breathing new life into a familiar franchise.

2. Dino nostalgia… in moderation

jp logo

While Jurassic World manages to distinguish itself from its predecessors, it comes equipped with references to all three films. Anyone who grew up on the original should be pleased by the sight of that original logo, and the strains of John Williams’ stirring theme.

3. Jake Johnson


One of the stars of director Colin Trevorrow’s first film (Safety Not Guaranteed), Jake Johnson makes a memorable appearance as a toy-collecting Jurassic World employee. Providing memorable comic relief throughout, he manages to upstage the film’s more prominent stars.

4. The world itself

The film’s cutting edge setting offers no shortage of intriguing sights—and thousands of potential victims. Whereas earlier films showed some restraint in the people-getting-eaten department, no one is safe in Jurassic World.

5. Flying pterosaurs

According to Wired, the flying pterosaurs in Jurassic World are not altogether credible, but we’re not complaining, as they deliver a sequence that can only be described as The Birds on steroids. When you see these creatures break free, know this: you are about to see the craziest dinosaur attack in movie history.