5 Reasons to Count Down the Days Until Dark Matter Debuts

Dark Matter


On June 12, an all-new sci-fi series will premiere on Space. Dark Matter takes us aboard a spaceship on course to a terrifying destination, its crew crippled by an unknown force. The ensemble cast features actors from Lost Girl, Bitten, The Cabin in the Woods, and Robocop, and is produced by a team with a stellar sci-fi pedigree. In case you aren’t hooked already, here are five more reasons to get super excited about the new show:

1. It’s based on writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie’ cool graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics.


2. Mallozzi and Mullie are also the writers and producers behind the Stargate franchise.

3. This awesome spaceship concept art that a team of illustrators and the show’s set designer put together. (Check out a bunch of ships—inside and out—here.)


4. It’s a sci-fi space adventure AND a mystery. The spaceship’s nameless six-person crew awakens from stasis with no memory of who they are, who their shipmates are, or why they’re aboard the ship together. All they know is their destination: a war zone located in a far away mining colony. The problem is that they’re not sure which side they’re meant to be fighting on.


5. There’ll be tonnes of action. While the crew may not remember their names or their past, each has somehow retained the knowledge of their own special set of deadly skills. These people are dangerous.


Tune in to catch the first episode of Dark Matter at 10e on Friday, June 12th. The second episode will follow the debut of the Space original series Killjoys, on June 19 at 9e.