5 Reasons Karen Gillan Was the Best Thing at Toronto Comicon

Doctor Who


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This past weekend Every Whovian in Whoville (yeah, we know we’re mixing our Doctors here) turned up to see the show’s former star Karen Gillan talk about her time on Who and her role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here’s why it was the best part of our weekend:

1. She’s basically the ultimate Comicon guest: starring roles in Doctor Who and Guardians of The Galaxy, plus the ultra-scary movie Oculus meant Gillan was a draw for sci-fi, superhero, comic book, and horror fans alike. Needless to say, the room was packed—though Who fans made up the largest contingent by far.


2. She almost didn’t make it. There was some major nail-biting going on ahead of Gillan’s arrival. Stuck on set until 5am shooting Jenji Kohan’s latest project (a new HBO series about the Salem witch trials called The Devil You Know), Gillan hopped on a plane to make it to her Saturday evening autograph session with the fake dirt from set still caking her fingernails. The mark of a true professional!

3. She’s hilarious. Asked what her ultimate Who adventure would entail were she to take over writing duties from Steven Moffat and co., Gillan said she would travel to Graceland to help Elvis rid the mansion’s Jungle Room of invasive alien leaves that turn people into tiny trees. Of course, Rory would die. (The lone fan dressed as Elvis in the audience went nuts for this story pitch.)

4. She doesn’t fence-sit. Gillan didn’t hesitate to name her favourite Doctor (Matt Smith), favourite companion (Sarah Jane), favourite guest star (Tony Curran as Vincent van Gogh), and favourite episode (“The Eleventh Hour”). She was also happy to speculate about where Rory and Amy would be now: she’s a famous novelist and he’s a stay-at-home dad taking care of their seven kids.

5. She has the best insight into playing a villain that we’ve ever heard. Gillan says she likes to act as a lawyer for baddies like Nebula, playing them with a sympathetic interpretation. “Most people who are deeply evil in this world don’t think that they are,” says the actor, “it’s coming from something that happened to them.” Like hair envy, perhaps? Hmm.