5 Quotable Moments From etalk’s Upcoming Suicide Squad Special

Suicide Squad’s theatrical debut is quickly approaching, but before you and your Marvel crew squad up in your villainous costumes for Friday’s premiere, etalk‘s got a treat for you.

In an upcoming special this Friday, host Ben Mulroney sits down with the cast of Suicide Squad to talk about the struggles, hilarious moments, and unforgettable lessons the actors experienced while filming the much-anticipated movie.

To Smith and the rest of the cast, Toronto feels like their Suicide Squad home away from home. On the red carpet of last week’s premiere, Smith couldn’t help but reminisce about what it was like to film in such a hospitable city.

Though the etalk Presents: Suicide Squad special is still two days away, we’ve got five quotable moments from the Suicide Squad cast to hold you over.

1. Jared Leto On Perfecting The Joker’s Laugh

Jared Leto Joker

“I did a lot of work trying to find not only the big laugh that was unforgettable, but something that kind of hit people in a strange way. Because usually if you hear someone laugh it’s infectious and it’s nice, but I think when The Joker laughs it should make people want to put on a diaper.”

2. Will Smith On Tattooing Joel Kinnaman

will smith suicide squad

“I didn’t really want to do it, but it’s like…Cara has a thing where if she does a chant, it’s hypnotic [and] it makes you do it,” Smith said. “So she starts [chanting] ‘Tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo, tattoo… she puts her Enchantress on you.”

3. Cara Delevingne On Channelling Darkness

cara suicide squad

“It was a barrel of laughs. As an actor, for me I love darkness; in a way I think it can be a beautiful thing. So finding that in yourself, I think we all learned a lot about ourselves through this movie and definitely changed a lot.”

4. Viola Davis On What She Learned

viola davis

“You gotta go for it in life. You gotta go for it in a role. Sometimes you’ve got to be bold with a choice and brave with it. Especially with this cast, cause they’re all crazy. They’re all completely insane.”

5. Joel Kinnaman On Why It’s Fun To Be Bad

rick flag

“I think maybe cause we might be closer to identifying with them. We all look at ourselves as flawed individuals. At least those of us that are honest with ourselves. There’s not that many heroes out there.”

Make sure to tune into etalk Presents: Suicide Squad this Friday on CTV at 7e 4p to watch Smith, Leto, and the rest of the Suicide Squad cast talk about their first-hand experiences.