4 Totally Badass Things to Do in Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4


Like all previous entries in Ubisoft’s way awesome Far Cry franchise, the latest (and yes, greatest) is gorgeous, thrilling, and totally nuts. You play Ajay Ghale, who returns to his birthplace to scatter his mother’s ashes, but finds himself embroiled in a ruthless civil war against a self-appointed tyrant. Of course, there’s wayyy more to it than that, so we figured we’d sum things up by discussing four of the myriad rad things you can do to pass the time between arriving in this vast, war-torn land and becoming the most badass dude in town.

1. See the sights

No doubt, Far Cry 4 is one of the purtiest-looking games on the shelves—especially if you’re playing it on a current generation console or beefed up PC. No matter how big your screen is, you’ll want to experience the game’s dazzling yet deadly landscape on something bigger. Upon arriving in the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat, the first thing you’ll notice is its stunning backdrop of snow-dusted mountains in the very far distance (don’t worry; you’ll get a closer look). It only gets better from here—everything between you and those mountains is begging to be explored. A lot of games boast expansive maps, but Far Cry 4’s sprawling sandbox is so fun to play in that you’ll want to ease back on the missions just to savour every little morsel this place has to offer. Fortunately, there’s plenty of incentive to explore uncharted territory, like weapons, artifacts, cash, and more.

2. Hunt (and ride) the wildlife


One of the most impressive features of Far Cry 4 is its animal population. From massive predators to tiny critters, never underestimate the wrath of Kyrat’s wildlife. Rhinos are obviously not ones you’ll want to mess with, but those adorable honey badgers can be equally merciless. Also, thanks to advancements in AI, some of these creatures are smarter than the humans, so keep a safe distance and maybe bring a rocket launcher before going too deep into the jungle. And don’t think you can ignore these pests—you’ll have to skin loads of ‘em in order to upgrade your gear, which is vital. Finally, we simply can’t talk about Far Cry 4 without mentioning those magnificent elephants, which are only hostile if you provoke them. Otherwise, they can be very helpful for overtaking opponents, or better still, riding into them!

3. Take over radio towers, outposts, and fortresses


There are a lot of things to do in Kyrat. Among the most thrilling activities are finding ways to ascend radio towers to uncover hidden portions and loot from the map, and mowing down dozens of enemy soldiers in order to take over military outposts and fortresses. With the right arsenal and strategy, outposts can be a cinch. Fortresses, however, are a tougher nut to crack. Sounding off alarms can lead to an onslaught of helicopters or, worse, mortar defenses. Your safest bet is to locate and take out those pesky snipers, and pray no one else sees you as you enter the danger zone. This is where co-op play or “Guns for Hire” AI help comes in handy—a collaborative effort from close and afar is a rock-solid strategy. Ride a pissed off elephant right through fortress gates and you’re so the man.

4. Help the locals


Far Cry 4 has tonnes of main missions, but it also offers an immense number of side quests, most fun of which come from helping out the locals. Delivering cargo, rescuing hostages, hunting animals, assassinating targets, and shooting down throngs of enemies just never gets old. There are also plenty of rewards that come with accomplishing these tasks, like raising your Skill Level for defensive and offensive upgrades, and your Karma Level to improve assistance from allied residents. Natch, you also get sweet new guns and moola.

Enough reading. Get your ass to Kyrat!