4 Things We Love About Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10


If you want to get technical and also count all the handheld iterations, this is actually the 13th Mario Party game to arrive since franchise got the party started on the Nintendo 64 back in 1998.

But fear not, there’s still fun to be had in the first Wii U instalment, which adds a variety of very tasty ingredients to the mix.

Here are four new things in Mario Party 10 that we love most of all.

1. Bowser Party


The greatest new addition to the Mario Party series bar none, Bowser Party not only adds support for a fifth player, but also makes inventive use of the Wii U GamePad. Those lucky enough to wield the GamePad join crash the party as Bowser, who’s there to mess things up by blowing fire, controlling a big wheel that chucks players into flames, tricking others to follow the wrong path, and running a deadly game of BINGO (the horror!). Of course, no one sees what you’re up to on the GamePad, which adds a mischievous element to the proceedings.

2. amiibo Party


If you’ve got an arsenal of amiibo, you’re in luck. In amiibo Party, gamers can tap an amiibo to the GamePad to play on briskly-paced special character-themed mini game boards (which are combinable), unlock additional powers (like Super Mushrooms, which allow you to mercilessly stomp your opponents), and earn daily in-game prizes. Here’s more info on what you can get out of your amiibo in Mario Party 10.

3. A fresh batch of minigames


Any Mario Party game worth its stars includes a bevy of innovative minigames scattered throughout each board—and this one has some of the sweetest in the series. From free-for-alls, to 2-vs-2s, to 1-vs-3’s, to boss battles, to Bowser vs. all, almost every event is a hoot. Visually speaking, each minigame benefits from the Wii U’s HD polish, especially if there’s a split-screen involved, or hella-chaos. There’s certainly a Super Mario 3D World vibe to the overall aesthetics and controls, which ain’t a bad thing!

4. Bonus goodies


A nice little treat here is the inclusion of five additional standalone bonus games, like Badminton Bash, Minigame Tournament, Bowser Jr.’s Bonk Bash, and Bowser Jr.’s Clobber Cage. But the best one by far is Jewel Drop, a Tetris/Doctor Mario-esque puzzle game in which you stack circular jewels that don’t pile up as easily as blocks. Trust us when we say it’s suuuper-addicting.

Mario Party 10 is available on Wii U as of today. Check out Nintendo’s typically charming trailer below: