Fans of The Expanse Can Now 3D Print Their Own Spaceship

We’ll take one Rocinante and two Canterburys please (since we’re well aware of what happens when you only have one copy of that doomed freighter). A new partnership between American television network SyFy and 3D Printer manufacturer MakerBot has made possible the dream of owning your own spaceship from The Expanse—even if it is just a 3D printed replica.


Just announced, the launch of SyFy Labs will take the channel into program-related 3D printing, virtual reality, and Internet of Things territory and includes “3D printable files of exclusive models via MakerBot’s Thingiverse.” Translation: detailed 3D models of characters, logos, and (most importantly) awesome ships like the Knight, the Rocinante, and the Donnager, all from the world of The Expanse.


This marks the first time that a big network has opted to share their coveted show-themed content with 3D printing enthusiasts. (We actually can’t believe it took this long, considering the obvious crossover between sci-fi fans and tech nerds—we’re envisioning a Venn diagram that’s basically just a circle.)

The 3D printing initiative comes after Syfy’s foray into virtual reality with their Expanse-centered iOS and Android Google Cardboard VR app. Next up, an all-new app will allow fans to go inside the world of The Expanse to explore the ships and various other locations. The new app will run on Samsung’s 3D virtual reality technology. Until then, start printing.