28 Months Later Might Happen

The zombie apocalypse isn’t over yet.

In fact, the next squad of biters might just be heading back to Europe to terrorize whatever survivors remain 28 months (or maybe even years?) after the walker virus wreaked havoc on all of humanity.

Steve Jobs director Danny Boyle, who artfully destroyed most of London and whatever hope had lingered for its handful of uninfected in 2002’s 28 Days Later, has reiterated his interest in helming a third installment to the series—but only if the script is on point.


Boyle, who did not handle the first sequel 28 Weeks Later, spoke to Screencrush about the possibility of him circling back to the series, and 13 years after the first, he’s still definitely interested.

“It’s the usual thing: it’s not about whether people think it’s a good idea that you’re directing. It’s whether you respond to the script or not,” he said. Translation: “Get a good script together and we’ll talk.”

Danny Boyle’s been pretty consistent about his interest in returning to the director’s chair for 28 Months Later because he saw the second installment as a casual viewer and did not hate it at all.

Five years ago (!!), he said that he definitely wants to direct part three of the series because “I watched the second one, and I wasn’t that involved in the second one, and I really enjoyed watching it as a punter.” (A “punter,” by the way, is industry speak for casual viewer.)

“When you make films, you never really see them the way punters see them, it’s weird. You’re entrusted with editing a film for an audience and yet, you’re as far away from what they will see as you can ever get, because you’ve watched it hundreds of time,” Boyle explained in 2010. “I watched [the sequel] as a punter and I thought I’d love to direct the next one, and that’s where that began.”

Even then, the major hold-up seemed to be having the time and a worthwhile script story ready for the directing.

Moral of the story? For cripes sake someone getting to writing this thing already because we really need to find out what happened to our people when they finally got to Paris.