16 Reasons We’re Excited For 2016

Looking back on 2015, some of the highlights were pleasant surprises (Mad Max: Fury Road), while we saw others coming from a mile away (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). As we head into 2016, the surprises are still a mystery, but here are 16 sure things that are guaranteed to make a splash in the year ahead.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


You have almost a year and half to wait for a proper sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but this spin-off movie—set somewhere between Episodes III and IV—should help tide you over.

2. Space shows, duh


With new episodes of Bitten, The Expanse, Killjoys, and Orphan Black on the way, there’s never been a better time to be a Space viewer.

3. No Man’s Sky

If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance you’ve been waiting ages for this wildly ambitious space exploration game. That wait comes to an end when No Man’s Sky finally comes to PC and PlayStation 4 in June.

4. Overwatch

Nearly two decades have passed since Blizzard Entertainment launched StarCraft, but the company is ready to unveil another original property with this inventive take on the first-person shooter.

5. Oculus Rift

After years of hype and countless demos, Oculus Rift finally hits stores in early 2016, making convincing virtual reality… a reality.

6. Smart home tech


The Internet of Things has been all over the news for the last couple years, but 2016 will see many new breakthroughs in smart home tech. By the end of the year, expect to control everything from your thermostat to your toaster using your smartphone—or even your TV.

7. Captain America: Civil War

Following the pattern of the last couple years, Marvel will deliver two films in 2016: a massive sequel and a potential franchise starter. While the latter (Doctor Strange) is still an unknown quantity, the former (Captain America: Civil War) has already secured its place as one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters.

8. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

On the big screen, DC has been lagging behind Marvel in recent years, but they pose a very real threat to their rivals in 2016 with the one-two punch of Suicide Squad and (especially) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

9. Legends of Tomorrow

DC has already established itself as a major force on the small screen with Arrow and The Flash. That success should continue in 2016, as major characters from both series are coming together in Legends of Tomorrow, which takes flight on CTV January 21.

10. DC’s going biweekly


If your DC diet is still heavy on actual comics, you have reason to be excited in 2016. Details are still unclear, but the company plans to start publishing several of its key titles on a biweekly basis.

11. Penny Dreadful comics

With Penny Dreadful’s writers penning a series of supplementary comics, the show’s third season should be even more engrossing than the first two.

12. Game of Thrones season six

Five seasons in, Game of Thrones is the most popular series in HBO history. With only three seasons left to go, you can expect the stakes—and body count—to be higher than ever when the series returns in April.

13. The Winds of Winter


2016 is shaping up to be a big year for Game of Thrones fans. Right around the time that the TV show returns, the sixth installment of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series should arrive in bookstores.

14. The Legend of Zelda


Fantasy fans should also expect to spend some time with a Wii U in 2016, as Nintendo is giving the console a shot in the arm with an elaborate new edition The Legend of Zelda.

15. Ghostbusters


After being dormant for a shocking 27 years, the Ghostbusters franchise makes a long overdue return courtesy of co-writer-director Paul Feig and a promising new cast that includes Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig.

16. The X-Files

The title of The X-Files: I Want to Believe unintentionally described the dashed hopes of many fans, but those hopes have been restored for the show’s long-awaited return to its native medium with six new episodes premiering on CTV January 24th. Also on that note, tune in to Space’s Essential X-Files Collection marathon on January 23 and 24.