4 Things We Dug About Z Nation’s Series Premiere

Z Nation


Less than four minutes into the Z Nation series premiere, a zombie projectile vomits blood. And that pretty much defines the tone of this messy, brain-splattery, 100-mph-hour classic zombie show. We start off three years after the initial outbreak. Cities are crumbling, survivors are hiding, and the zombies want their dinner. A dinner of brains. Amid the chaos, there’s one final shot for humanity: an ex-con who survived eight zombie bites moments after being force-administered an experimental vaccine. A team of ragtag survivors must now transport this man from the East Coast to California, in the hopes of reaching the country’s last functioning medical lab.

Z Nation‘s debut featured more than it’s share of smashed skulls. Here are some things we dug from our first watch.

The breakneck pace


It’s natural to compare Z Nation to The Walking Dead. But at the Z Nation panel at Fan Expo Canada a few weeks ago, co-creator Craig Engler emphasized that his show moves at a much faster pace. “We go through more plot in an episode than they do in a season,” he said. The sprinting-ahead vibe was obvious from the premiere, which featured zombie attack after brain explosion after zombie attack.

The blood


And on the topic of brain explosions, there are a lot of them. And face explosions. And flesh eating. You know, zombie stuff.

The baby


Hey, look. Babies can be zombies too. And just because they’re cute, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be killed. The biggest question of the premiere might be: who’s got the cojones to put a bullet in a baby?

DJ the deejay



Actor DJ Qualls plays Citizen Z, a survivor stationed at a remote northern outpost from which he can communicate with non-infected humans trying to get by further south. And by the end of the episode, he literally starts DJing the proceedings. Follow him on Twitter to keep tabs on things yourself!

Catch Z Nation Fridays at 10e 7p, and check out our interview with co-star Tom Everett Scott below: