5 Reasons The Killjoys Premiere Can’t Come Fast Enough



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The countdown is on to the premiere of Space’s brand new sci-fi series. From the producers of Orphan Black and the creator of Lost Girl, Killjoys features a trio of intergalactic reclamation agents (that’s the title bounty hunters put on their business cards) in perpetual pursuit of deadly warrants in an even deadlier planetary system called The Quad. Here are five reasons that the June 19 premiere can’t come fast enough:

1. The team has a kick-ass female leader…


…with a dark secret in her past. British actor Hannah John-Kamen plays Dutch, a bounty hunter of the highest level who uses her charm and wit as often as she employs her deadly combat skills.

2. When the Killjoys aren’t chasing danger, it’s chasing them


The newest addition to Killjoys’ three-person crew is D’avin. The estranged brother of crew member John, D’avin is a former soldier whose military discharge remains shrouded in secrecy. In the first episode, “Bangarang” (is that a Skrillex or a Hook reference?), John and Dutch race to rescue him from the peril he’s inadvertently pulled them all into.

3. They’ve got a bounty hunting spaceship to rival Boba Fett’s


The most infamous bounty hunter in sci-fi would likely be impressed by Lucy, the Killjoys’ small but powerful ship with her own distinct personality (and preferences). Like Fett and his craft, the Killjoys and their ship go way back.

4. This sneak peek

Can’t say we’ve ever seen a necklace do that before.

5. Amanda Tapping

The Sanctuary actor and Stargate SG-1’s Captain Samantha Carter been called the First Lady of Sci-Fi and she’s slated to guest star in a Killjoys episode near the end of the season. In it, she’ll play charming and clever scientist with murky intentions when it comes to her dealings with the Killjoys.

Killjoys kicks off its first season Friday June 19 on Space. Tune in at 9e/p to catch the action.