12 Steps To Becoming A Movie Hero

The original Star Wars trilogy. The Hobbit. The Matrix. Back To The Future. Harry Potters one through eight. What do these movies have in common? According to animator Iskander Krayenbosch, everything.

His short film The Hero’s Journey traces the paths of several classic movie protagonists to show the similar route each takes on their journey from small town nobody to most popular kid at wizard school/saviour of several planetary systems. According to Krayenbosch, each character must follow the same 12 steps.

He explains: “Since the beginning of time people are fascinated by stories of heroes. But did you know there is a fundamental structure that lies beneath all these tales of fantasy? Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, was the first to discover similarities within all ancient myths. He called it the Monomyth. According to him there are 12 stages in which every hero has to walk through one way or the other. In the hero’s journey these stages are visualized by using iconic blockbuster movies that follow the same structure of storytelling.”

Check out the video to see how some of Hollywood’s most iconic heroes fit into the mold (and don’t be too disappointed when you discover that we’ve all been watching the same movie since the dawn of cinema–what other activity pairs as well with popcorn?):