Everything We Know About 10 Cloverfield Lane

Fans of 2008’s Cloverfield rejoiced last month when a teaser trailer for spiritual sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane arrived out of nowhere. If you were one of those fans you probably remember what was arguably the best part of the movie: its viral marketing campaign. Leading up to the theatrical release of the film, websites went up for fictional companies and their eco-terrorist counterparts. This campaign not only added to the hype of the film, but also gave us an incredible amount of backstory not covered on screen, which really heightened our experience.

Not sure what we’re talking about? No problem, because it looks like 10 Cloverfield Lane will be following in its predecessor’s footsteps with a viral campaign of its own, and the very best part is that it picks up right where the original left off.


Before we dive in to the new information, let’s take a moment to quickly recap the major players working behind the scenes of Cloverfield.

Tagruato Corp.


By far the largest unseen force at work in Cloverfield, you may remember Tagruato as the company that hired Robert Hawkins to work for them in Japan, and the reason his friends are hosting his goodbye party at the beginning of the film. However, as those who followed the original viral campaign know, the company has a much larger impact than just that. Aside from hiring Rob, the company also makes fast food containers, car parts, builds wax museums, spaceships, and manufactures an incredibly popular slushy drink called Slush-O! Just how popular? Just ask Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow in Alias


Or how about Dr. Bishop from Fringe?


This shady corporation has been showing up for a long time now through Slush-O!-branded beverages. In 2008’s Cloverfield campaign, we found out the drink’s popularity stems from a secret ingredient called “seabed’s nectar,” a strange substance mined from the bottom of the ocean. It’s implied that through mining this substance the company awoke the Cloverfield Monster and basically destroyed New York City. Well what do you expect from a company that was founded on the dream of “holding all the Earth’s energy in [the company founder’s] fist.” Apparently, this was never quite proven as observant Star Trek fans may have noticed this tiny little Easter egg in 2009’s J.J. Abrams reboot:


You just can’t keep evil slushy corporations down. So now we’ve caught up on Tagruato, let’s take a look at the natural enemy of all evil corporations: eco-terrorist groups.

T.I.D.O. Wave


What would an eco-terrorist cell be without a punny name? Their unabashed hatred for Tagruato got them in a lot of heat just before the events of Cloverfield when the deep sea drilling station set up to mine “seabed’s nectar” was destroyed. Tagruato blamed the explosion on T.I.D.O., so the only question now is whether it was in fact them or an angry monster awoken by Tagruato themselves. Although less is known about them in connection with 10 Cloverfield Lane, redditor deathless203 pointed out this interesting blog post from 2007:

“Do NOT return to The Farm. It’s crawling with agents on Tagruato’s payroll.”


The farm, huh? Could that farm be one and the same as the farm in the 10 Cloverfield Lane poster?


Now that you’re all caught up on the basics of the Cloverfield conspiracy, let’s take a look at the new stuff.

Howard Stambler

The biggest update to the backstory in the expanded universe of the Cloverfield Monster and its friends comes in the form of a brand new employee of the month page on Tagruato’s website. Nestled amongst four other employees from Tagruato subsidiaries, we can find telemetry analyst Howard Stambler. The blurb underneath the caption is brief, but does provide us with some important backstory about the upcoming film and John Goodman’s character:


The page is conveniently labeled Employees of the Month February 2016, so we now know Howard has worked for the company since the fall of 2009, about a year and a half after the events of Cloverfield. We also know he works for Bold Futura, the branch of Tagruato that specializes in technology, technology not limited to but certainly including spaceships. The blurb goes on to say Howard specifically works with satellites for the company. A clue as to why he’s got such a well-prepped bunker to hole up in? Maybe the reason he knows something is coming? Want to know more? Start your trip down the virtual rabbit hole into this incredibly detailed (and fun) campaign by starting here, and let us know what your 10 Cloverfield Lane theories.